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Finding the right implementation partner is key to ensuring your automation program is successful. Not only do experienced partners know the best and most effective ways to roll out RPA technologies, but they can also act as a consultant for an organization as it evolves its automation strategy. At our RPA advisory, we know that automation of various organizational processes is key to business growth. We provide our clients with the resources and guidance required to make this happen. From initial creativity and developing a business case to implementing the first live bot, we provide everything they need to create an optimized RPA route. Our experienced consultants draw detailed blueprints of bots interconnecting at user workstations and interacting with employees, ensuring demand flexibility and improved customer experiences. With comprehensive analysis and deep insights as part of our service package, we strive to create an agile, automated environment where our clients can expedite their time to market without sacrificing innovation or quality.

Service Offerings

RPA Consulting & Advisory

End-to-End RPA Development

Bespoke RPA Solutions

RPA-as-a-services (RPAaaS)

RPA Managed Services

akaBot RPA Solutions

Why Choose S-Square

We bring over two decades of shared services, process improvement experience, & strong technical capabilities through our RPA services expertise.
One-Stop Partner Built to Support Your Entire RPA Journey, providing comprehensive services from initial strategy and implementation to 24×7 maintenance and support.
Our custom pricing model is designed to link the complexity of processes to the cost of delivering robotic automation solutions.
Our predefined pricing model based on complexity per process creates the right incentives for our team and your team to successfully deliver robots into production within the expected time frame while ensuring your business case
We guarantee a transparent pricing strategy tailored to each deployment situation – ensuring our customers benefit from the optimal automation solution for their specific demands.

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